Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amazing Grace

Meet Kylie's "cousin" Grace, a retriever mix who is about the same age as Kylie. She's also another Southern Belle, coming up from Mississippi when she was 8 weeks old and a fluff ball. We think she is mostly Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever, although with her current short summer "do," I can see a Chocolate Lab in the mix, too.

Grace spent much of her first year over here when my sister was working. She associates being here with being fed. Constantly. That dog loves to eat more than anything! Well, she also loves to chase cats, rabbits, deer and the lights from a flashlight or other shiny reflection. She's quite a character and is dearly loved by Kylie and me.

Millie, not so much.

Millie had her close encounter with Grace when Grace had her cornered under the dining room table. Neither one is too bothered by each other now, but back then - Millie went immediately into her cage whenever Grace showed up.

Image made by Grace's mom - click to enlarge it.

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