Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas cactus

After the grey day yesterday with rain and snow, it is so nice to see the Sun again!  And it lighted up the Christmas cactus so beautifully.


 I love these plants - they are easy to grow and their flowers are so delicate with gorgeous coloring.  This one has been here since I came back in 2003.  I'm amazed that it's still alive what with the soil being compacted in its worn out clay container.  I keep saying I'll transplant it, but have never gotten around to it.  It's very forgiving, though, and blooms in November or December.


I went looking for a poem about Christmas cactii and actually found one!  The author noted that she has had to rename her Christmas cactus several times - from Thanksgiving, to Christmas to St. Patrick's Day cactus - because the plant has a calendar all its own.  Heh!  That's a goal of mine - to make and live according to my own calendar!

The Christmas Cactus

All during the Christmas rush
I waited for the thing to come alive.
Eyed it while I gift wrapped scarves,
By New Year's
I vowed to be happy
living with just stems.
Then one day in February-
the worst month of the year,
making up in misery what it lacks in length-
the blooms shot out,
three ragged cirise bells that rang
their tardy Hallelujahs on the sill.
Late bloomers,
like the girls that shine
and shine at long last
at the spring dance
from their corner of the gym.

~Liz Rosenberg~


Jasmine said...

Beautiful photography, and the poem is so true. I am winter stir crazy by February and keep mu eyes peeled for bulbs poking through the earth and other signs of change...

A vow to be happy by the new year sounds like a very good plan :) xx

rebecca said...

i find this so perfect,
late bloomer that i am!

Manon said...

ooooh! The pics are so lovely! The colors are so brilliant!! Thank you for sharing with us!!

Shelly said...

Love the pictures and the poem! Perfect; blooming in your own time!

Delphyne said...

Jasmine - me, too, especially in NJ. When I lived in California, Spring came in February!

Rebecca - I'm a late bloomer, too. Someone once told me that I was an old soul. I had to laugh for I had just read that an old soul is really a slow learner!

Manon - thank you!

Shelly - yep, not only bloom where you're planted, but do it your own way in your own time!

Ruthie Redden said...

i agree with jasmine, beautiful photos, and love the poem. My wn christmas/easter cactus continues to amaze me as i so often neglect it, but it always gives me such a wonderful display! I like the sound of living to your own calendar, think i should take that on board too x

Delphyne said...

Hi, Ruthie - so good to see you! I think that these plants are so forgiving. Yes, our own calendars would be so much fun to coordinate. Imagine all of the special holidays we could be celebrating with each other!