Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scenes from our snow storm



California coastal redwood - in New Jersey! 


White pine

I had some problems getting the other pictures to load properly - that is, they simply want to be on their side!  If you would like to see the other snow pics, please check my Flickr account here.


Jasmine said...

Snow makes everything look so clean and fresh, like a blank canvas xJ

Lyon said...

Yep, looks like my back yard too! It's certainly beautiful, but I must say I am also very tired of driving in it. hehe Thank you for sharing, Delphyne. Very good to hear from you darlin.

Cyn said...

Beautiful! I cannot believe that we have escaped the loads of snow we usually get in upstate New York. My daughter lives in Hackensack, so my thoughts are with both of you.