Monday, March 29, 2010

And, now for a little afternoon laugh!!


Mama Feoneafey said...

OH BRAVO!!! that is sooooo how it is ! Thank you for sharing the laughter! I think i have watched it three times now and still can't stop laughing!
Blessings to ya
Ma Fey

Delphyne said...

It had the same effect on me, Ma! I think I watched it about 4 times and then posted it on my Face Book, which is where a friend of mine posted it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Shelly said...

Yup, I keep singing bits of it to myself ... LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

that created big belly laughs! thankyou for sharing, i thoroughly enjoyed that.

Delphyne said...

Shel - thanks for the original link!

GreenWhisper - laughter is wonderful for the mind, body and soul!