Thursday, April 29, 2010

For Dakota and his mom


of the old pretend
I know
where you go
when the moonlight
in the trees
and the trees come alive
in the night.
I followed you
and saw
old branches
lift and gesture
in a winter-dance
in that forgotten

your sly smile
lit the dark
where no life grieves
and the music
its broken-fingered
and you, an acrobat,
in such a hungry
that old lucent ghosts
of fruit
fell ripely down
to taste
your laughter.

~Joyce Odam, Sacramento

Image from Photobucket
Poem from Medusa's place


Tammie Lee said...

everything about your post is beautiful. You find a beauty to share in the world, a true reflection of you.

Delphyne said...

Thank you so very much, you also do on your blog. xoxo

awitchtrying said...

I love your posts. Where do you find the poetry? I'm writing a lot lately and reading poetry is the best inspiration. The poems you post are always so beautiful! Are they from different sources? Thanks!

Delphyne said...

Thanks, awitchtrying - I often find gems over at Medusa's place which is in the link. Other times, I just google for poems about any subject and see what comes up. It's really just an intuitive kind of thing and I know i will find something. That's the good thing about the internet - there is just so much stuff on it!

All except the poem about the 7 year old witch - which I am still looking for! I have it packed away at my sister's house and I'll be moving some stuff out soon, so perhaps I'll get lucky and find it in one of the first boxes! I cam't wait to put that one up - you will love it! xoxo

awitchtrying said...

I'm sure I will love it. I've wanted to read it since I read your blog intro about why you chose that name. Thanks for sharing all this great stuff!