Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I have not been abducted by aliens

It's true - I'm still on lovely Planet Earth.  I'm not sure why I decided I needed a break from blogging, but I did and still do.  I'm in the middle of remodeling my new apartment and it's taking a bit longer than anticipated.  I hope to be in my new digs in January, complete with a new kitchen!  Yay!

Speaking of new digs, I've just started setting up a new blog, which you can find here.  I'm not sure when the first post will show up - right now, I'm attempting to remember how to use Blogger!  Yes, it's been that long!  I also set one up at WordPress and may go over there eventually, but trying to figure it out now was too much for my little brain.

I wish you all a happy and healthy Solstice and Yuletide season.  See you in the new year!!

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Anonymous said...

Merry Yule! I'm SO glad you're back!!!!

I too had massive brainfarts trying to remember Blogger, but I promise it's like riding a bike...you'll pick it back up in no time!

Delphyne said...

Dark Mother - you were my inspiration when I received your email this morning. Many thanks!!

Cyn said...

Welcome back!

Delphyne said...

DJF - thank you!

rebecca said...

oh fantastic!!!
december was a whirlwind. i did light a candle for you on december 12, happy birthday!!!!, you and the virgin of guadalupe!

missed you so and love knowing you are settling in to your new place.
sending you love and a heart felt

Anonymous said...

just popped in to say hi..
must have missed your post while i was away over the winter period, didnt realise you'd moved to a new blog. off for a peek :-) xx

Jo Potter said...

Lovely to see you back! ;-)
I know that sometimes it's good to have a break from blogging and facebook.
Enjoy your new home, it sounds perfect.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!

Best wishes,
Jo. xx

Deepak Kripal said...

Hey.. Happy New Year..