Wednesday, January 13, 2010


What an horrific tragedy in Haiti.  I feel so badly for the people there.

If any of you are donating to charities to help the Haitians, please check out Charity Watch in order to avoid the scammers who usually come out of the woodwork during emergencies like this.


Jasmine said...

I the uk it is

Not sure what happened in Haiti? Have not een watching telly or leaving the house too much...

Delphyne said...

Jasmine, there was a very large earthquake that happened yesterday and pretty much destroyed the capital city of Port au Prince. I'm sure that the death toll will be huge.

Haiti is such a poor country and has suffered so much within their political system and with the hurricanes/floods that have happened in the past. When I say poor, I mean the poorest of the poor.

This earthquake is a tragedy.

rebecca said...

port au prince.
i once spent a day there..the sky a indigo blue beside an emerald ocean.
i worked on a cruise ship and sailed into the beauty of so many distant ports.
yes, a poor country. where an old tin container is coveted and quickly cut into whimsical designs.

i am heartbroken.
there are no words...

Delphyne said...

Rebecca, I could barely watch the films or pictures of that suffering. It's simply unfathomable. Having lived in California for 33 years and having experienced a few earthquakes there - the last one being Loma Prieta - my heart goes out to them.