Monday, February 15, 2010

Mavericks Surf Contest - Half Moon Bay, California


This picture was taken at one of the Mavericks Surf Contest on the San Mateo coast of California.  They are not held every year, but only when the waves are humongous.  Apparently, on Saturday (13th February), they were especially large.  There was a rogue wave that crashed into the spectators injuring a few of them.  

SF Gate has some spectacular pictures of the surf competitors along with those of the rogue wave.  They can be found here.  Notice that all competitors wear a wet suit - it's the only way to enter the cold water of this part of California.  Southern California has the beaches with the warm water.

I lived in this part of California for 7 years and it is my favorite part of the California coast line.  It makes me homesick looking at the pictures.  I really do love the Pacific Ocean.


Lyon said...

You know, I've never been to California and I've never in my life seen water like that. I've been land locked a lot. ;-) This photo is amazing though. I'd really love to see it some day. I can't blame you for being homesick.

Delphyne said...

And, when I move back, you'll just have to come visit me!

rebecca said...

you are sharing the longing for ocean and coastline. i grew up in san diego...and when that grew crowded, i moved to mendocino. 1985. oh how i loved living there....and long for it still.

beautiful images. thank you

Delphyne said...

Rebecca - I love Mendocino. The coastline is so rugged and beautiful. Of all of the years I lived in California, I never got to see San Diego - I got as far down as Vista.

Funny how 2 of us who love the Pacific can also love the southwest desert - which always seems to me to be the remnants of a great ocean.

I hope you are well and happy! xoxo

Tammie Lee said...

that wave is crazy huge and gorgeous. I just heard about this contest today and that folks broke bones as a wave crashed on them. Yikes.

Delphyne said...

The wild Pacific - or any ocean - is a very powerful force of Nature, not to be ignored.