Thursday, May 27, 2010

From prehistoric mists...


Dragonflies from prehistoric mists,
flying around long before the ice ages, above shallow water
in the shade of gigantic trees – their clear blue wings fluttering,
growing deeper, slower, rays still shining on them -
such fragile wings, a thousand years old,
vibrating, like rainbow drops,
in the primeval wind – there were no birds is yet,
just the shade of branches, ferns rustling, just, dug in above
the lush coal swamp, flight till then, intoxicating,
lasting but a moment. 

 ~Judita Vaiciunaite~
(Poem translated from the Lithuanian by Viktoria Skupskelis and Stuart Friebert Literary Review, Fall, 1993)


Tammie Lee said...

so lovely~

Delphyne said...

Thanks, Tammie! xoxo

rebecca said...

i miss you!
no package yet...
life has been crazy full with the rituals and celebrations of graduation.
ahhhhh now we are embracing summer!

you are firmly in my heart.

me ann my camera said...

A beautiful dragonfly poem!