Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Moon in your astrological chart

I found this interesting.  You can read the rest of her article here.

Where is the New Moon in my chart? 

Look up your Sun's sign and Ascendant's sign to see where the New Moon is starting a brand new chapter in your life. Take time in the next few days to start a project in that area of your life or review the life changes that started in that house in May/ June of 2000.
A new cycle begins on May 14, 2010.
On February 11, 2011 you will be tested and offered an opportunity to change or adjust projects begun under this moon.
On November 10, 2011 you'll see the ripening of the projects at the Full Moon. 
On August 9, 2012 you'll harvest the results of this new moon. How cool is THAT!?
So take time on the New Moon to launch projects dear to your heart. Use the energy of the moon to grow your life in the areas described below. 
The New Moon is in your Sixth House: Virgo ~ Earth Mutable Duty Substance
Work attitudes, health, habits, employment, employees, tenants, servants, co-workers, pets, dependents, service given to others, routine matters, clothes & how you wear clothes, hygiene, interest in food & diet, sickness, conditions affecting your health, aunts uncles, unconscious mind, high school years, apprenticeships, food, small animals, solar plexus, bowels, productivity, illness, healing, nutrition, food preparation, food served, tools, analysis, coping with stress, chores, duties, your feelings about employment, work output, applied discipline to self improvement, dedication, devotion, loyalty, faithfulness, allegiance, body functions, discipline, body cleansing, celibacy, bread, magic, harvest, criteria, file cabinet, knitting, luggage, ephemeris, napkin, telephone directory, skills
The New Moon is in your Fifth House: Leo - Fire Fixed Creativity Life
Children, love affairs, romance, pleasure, amusement, holidays, vacations, games, speculations, hobbies, avocations, emotional attitude, the love you give, enterprise, sports, originality, creative outlets, dramatic, literary and artistic ability, publication, politics, fine arts, social affairs, pregnancy, education of children, groups which have to do with fun, heart, back, pleasant things in life, mastery of self, self's abilities, child rearing & molding & teaching, values imparted to children, teachers, theater, play, luck, prizes, winnings, drama, contrived emotions, laughter, celebrations, applause, humor, spontaneity, matters of the heart, popularity, toast
The New Moon is in your Fourth House: Cancer - Water Cardinal Security Endings
Home, parents (mother), family you came from, roots, home you will establish, heritage, heredity, ancestry, psychological roots, preverbal learning, private life, property, all things secluded, endings, closing years of life, fame after death, place of burial, your subjective self, foundation of your character, mines, land, property, environment, domestic affairs, the result of undertakings, breasts, stomach, digestive organs, tradition, early life, emotional attitudes in basic personality foundations, how you live, inner nature, fixed possessions, privacy, attitudes towards family, instinctive emotional motivations, emotional roots and origins, care and devotion received & strings attached to same, initial adjustment to life, ethnic traditions, family support, subjective building blocks of self, self-sufficiency, how you guard your space & property & work area, folklore, memories, sentimental, agricultural products, abundance of goods available, attachment to objects, hold you have on your possessions, fence, flags, phobias, rivers, midnight, nostalgia, scab
The New Moon is in your Third House: Gemini - Air Mutable Awareness Side by Side Relationships
Local neighborhood, brothers, sisters, communications, transportation vehicles, short trips, adaptability of mind to learning, taken for granted skills, conscious and objective parts of mind, grammar school, writings, mental inclinations and ability, shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, collar bones, nervous system, inner cleverness, limits to what you accept, learn, try, repeat, relearn, daily encounters, reading, writing, arithmetic, term papers, appropriateness of what you write and speak, wit, repartee, distribution of goods & systems, alibis, weather, variety, archetypes, air, books, barter, questions, mimicry, microphones, limericks, early education
The New Moon is in your Second House: Taurus - Earth Fixed Values Substance
Financial affairs, moveable possessions, investments, earning power, inner talents, skills, resources, self worth, values, emotional feelings, freedom, outer resources, throat and ears, benefit from material things, value of money earned, personal role of finances, personal and psychological worth, comforts, compensation, personal value placed on services rendered or given to others, material things balanced with inner happiness and spiritual needs, ownership, borrowing & lending of personal possessions, care you give to things you own, relaxation & comfort in material world, music, gifts you give, jewelry, flowers, wallet, serenity, thoughtfulness
The New Moon is in your First House: Aries - Fire Cardinal Identity Life Angular
Personality, disposition, individuality, how you express yourself, how you are seen, how you begin things, physical body, overall health, approach to life, appearance, bearing, beginnings of all enterprises, outlook, tendencies, self interest, worldly outlook, head and face, character, forming & presenting & maintaining identity, attitudes toward yourself, needs for recognition, enjoyment from personal risks, mannerisms, how to work with self, development & nurturing or abandonment of habits, nuances, styles, appearance, your name, forefront of anything, axe, arson, martial arts, loud things, male things, iron, guns, freshmen, point of view, missile, vigor
The New Moon is in your Twelfth House: Pisces - Water Mutable Subconscious Endings
Unknown or hidden strengths, weaknesses, sorrow, suffering, limitations, handicaps, secrets, seclusion, frustration, behind the scenes action, places of confinement, jails, hospitals, mental institutions, restraint, inhibitions, exile, secret enemies, hidden dangers, self- undoing, clandestine affairs, things we hide from others, research, background, subjective sustainment, inner consciousness, subconscious mind, spiritual debts to be paid, karma, charity, sympathy, public welfare, closet or dustbin of horoscope ~ all the problems which are painful to face or difficulties we refuse to acknowledge, unseen & unexpected troubles, large animals, occult or hidden side of life, feet, charity, selfless deeds, drugs, alcohol, diffusion, rehabilitation, poverty, chains, conspiracies, ambush, analgesic, boots, litter, emancipation, desertion, clouds, chemicals, ESP, fog, kidnapping, eavesdropping, crying, miracles, masks
The New Moon is in your Eleventh House: Aquarius - Air Fixed Social Consciousness Group Relationships
Capacity for friendship, attitude towards friends, acquaintances, non emotional relationships, desire, goals, love received, money from profession, step-children, children of other people, foster children, adopted children, circumstances over which you have little control, humanitarian interests, way you see others, large & small organizations, clubs, associations related to career or work, ankles, informal relationships, cliques, gangs, syndicates, clusters, societies, brotherhood, shared convictions & beliefs, politics, civic matters, airport, balloting, political awareness, consensus, caucus, effecting change, oddities, eccentricity, bohemianism, networking, large machinery, office automation, assembly lines, labor saving devices, revolutions, electricity, astrology, chorus, surprise, perversity, junk food,
The New Moon is in your Tenth House: Capricorn - Earth Cardinal Honor Substance
Profession, reputation, standing in the community, ego, status, fame, promotion, ambition, business and social activities, employer, government, any authority over you, achievements, how the world sees and evaluates you, influence you have in own circle, parent (father), honor, knees, skin, cartilage, high standards, fulfillment, completions, recognition, setting & meeting goals, returns in kind for what earned, stature, esteem, maturity, father figures, mentors, bosses, consequences of actions, roadblocks, work done is rewarded, equal return for equal effort, bones, aim, time, Oscars, clock, landmarks, glory, vocation, quota, peak, skyscrapers, warts
The New Moon is in your Ninth House: Sagittarius - Fire Mutable Aspiration Life
Higher mind, super-conscious, religion, law, science, ideals, higher learning, college education, philosophy, psychology, profound mental study, dreams, visions, distant travel, foreigners, foreign dealings, commerce, big business, imports, exports, organized religions, clergy, in-laws, grandchildren, intuition, ethics, public opinion, lessons learned through living, places remote from birth, psychic experiences, education, higher development, scientific, philanthropic, spiritual tendencies, liver, thighs, experiment with life, go beyond your boundaries, different ways of thinking, legends, myths, moral courage, justice, the courts, jury, ceremonies of ritual, publishing, creeds, folklore, expedition, vistas, passports, hymn, gospel, wanderlust, wisdom, marketing, sports team, editor, gypsy
The New Moon is in your Eighth House: Scorpio - Water Fixed Regeneration Endings
Sex, death, taxes, Support from other people ~ financial, moral, spiritual, & physical. Legacies, trusts, wills, insurance matters, secrets, spiritual & physical regeneration, psychological rebirth, degeneration, occult matters, sleep, deep research, investigation, hidden assets, assets & financial affairs of partners, alimony, surgery, astral experiences, muscular system, bladder, sex organs, deep motivations, mutually sharing, obligations, emotional gifts, reciprocation, interchange, retaliation, compensation, swapping, giving, deep questions, is the exchange equal or not?, garbage, removal, eradication, uprooting, amputation, transformation, mystery, process of death, afterlife, reincarnation, soul travel, distillation, investigation, probing, analysis, depth, innards, core, conception, poison, peat
The New Moon is in your Seventh House: Libra - Air Cardinal Cooperation Face to Face Relationships
Business and marital partners, marriage, divorce, contracts, lawsuits, bargains, agreements, dealings with the public, public's response to you, open enemies, cooperation with others, lack of cooperation, what you most lack in your self, attitudes towards marriage, your mate, kind and quality of your marriages, how many marriages, grandparents, people who act as your agent or on your behalf, public relations, unions, kidneys, ovaries, lower half of back, participation, interaction, oppositions, sharing, competition, compromise, fairness, others return what they feel you deserve, reconciliation, equality, alternatives, obstruction, blockages, withdrawal, behavior, manners, etiquette, social skills, how others help you or fight you, peace, harmony, tolerating differences, virtues, bitchiness, law suit


Jasmine said...

Oh dear! I am about to exiled to prison or the loony bin and my fiance is all about the things he owns in this material world. Not looking good for me :)

Delphyne said...

Pick those wonderful traits of Pisces - forget the loony bin, except if you mean the Lune-y Bin - the place of lunar refuge.

You are a clever Gemini and can find all kinds of different interpretations for all of those suggestions!


Manon said...

I'm also a Gemini.... I need to look hard to find anything! Great post.... I loved it!!

Delphyne said...

All of that Piscean energy shows in your paintings, Manon - you're already tapping into it! xoxo

Cyn said...

Help! I am a Cancer with a Libra ascendant. Do I read the Cancer or the Libra?

I love the site you liked to. Thanks Delphyne!

Delphyne said...

Cyn - I looked at both of mine and thought back to what was happening in 2000. I had been downsized out of the corporate world and took a job at a small health food store which was eventually bought up by Whole Foods. That screamed Virgo to me - so I used my New Moon for Sagittarius, my sun sign.

I have Leo ascendent and that Capricorn stuff makes sense, but Virgo spoke to me both and pick what you want. Intuitively you know what you need to do! xoxo