Sunday, June 13, 2010


Most of you know about my reactions to the Gull Oil disaster - horror, rage, crying jags.  It is a difficult thing for me to deal with because I feel this so viscerally.

I read a lot of blogs daily, more than a few of a political nature.  Today, over at The Confluence, a commenter wrote the following with respects to the oil kill.  She had posted a video that had a phone conversation with Jean-Michel Cousteau who said that this catastrophe could not be handled by us alone.

I like this letter and she gave me permission to post it.  She requested that I entitle the post SOS.  And so I did.

Dear International Community,
We all live on this little planet and we have an emergency in the Gulf of Mexico with the BP Oil Catastrophe that continues unabated, which is the United States of America’s worst environmental disaster which will impact not only many US states, but unfortunately other countries too. We need your help today, nature needs your help today, and we humbly ask for any aid you can send or offer.
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Sincerely and a heart felt thank you in advance for any help you are able to send,
An American who also lives on this little blue planet we all call home.

Image from Photobucket
Letter written by Woman Voter 


Martine said...

Today i have seen a tv documentary of the environmental tragedy of Nigeria. Yesterday it was the disaster you talk about here.
Help is needed but this won't change till we will change.
Mother earth is fighting back and i strongly believe she's smarter and stronger then we silly people.

Delphyne said...

Yes, Martine, Mother Earth is MUCH stronger than we humans. Not only do WE need to change, but the structure - the corporations who are represented as "people," - need to change. And rapidly.

Thank you for stopping by - it is always good to see you!! xoxo

Karin Bartimole said...

I'm so with you Delphyne. In some ways it feels like it's too late, but I try not to think that way. I heard Jean-Michel Cousteau on Bill Maher a couple of weeks ago, and he painted such a dire picture of the conditions of our oceans even prior to this latest disaster.
It's true, we all must be willing to make changes - at the core of our ways of life. Sacrifice needs to become a part of the American way...

Delphyne said...

Thanks, Karin - I'm just going to concentrate on visualizing the Gulf as healed - and of course, do what other things I can do - donate money, sign petitions, post things on FB.

I send you energy for radiant health! xoxo