Thursday, August 12, 2010

Haiku my Heart Friday

Pretty green parrot ~
White eye looks into your soul.
Her sharp beak draws blood.

Ah, Millie - she is a Maximillian Pionus parrot who is sweet sixteen - we've been together since she was 4, when her owner decided to give her up for a dog. Now, I had 2 dogs at the time and couldn't bear the thought of her going to a place she didn't know - or worse, a place she didn't survive.  So, she came to live with me and has done - well, whatever she wants for these past 12 years!

Millie came across country with me on the plane from California - a real trooper, surviving the "inquisitors" that made sure that her little travel cage didn't have explosives - you know, 911 and Code Orange and stuff.  We were separated when my Gypsy jewelry set off alarms and we went in two different directions:  she headed down the moving thingy and I had to be patted down by the security "agents."

Eventually, we were reunited, made the trip to Newark and have survived here since 2003.  She does well with Kylie, the border collie - in fact, she goes "walk about" when I fall asleep on the sofa after a couple of glasses of wine, bypassing Kylie and all obstacles in her way to explore whatever she wants.  One day, she decided to do this while I was doing dishes in the kitchen - when I felt "something" on my feet and let out a gasp, I'm sure she was cackling to herself about scaring her mom!

We've had a tempestuous relationship, but I think it's getting better - we're both older and a bit wiser. Or more tolerant.


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rebecca said...

i love learning more and more about you....
and your loving heart.

be well my darling friend. i will be flying into the sunrise for a week of true peace and utter rest.

taking you with me!(and MAYBE a computer)

Anonymous said...

aaw she's cute...and your post made me chuckle at her cackling :o)

Deann LMFT said...

I love the image of your holding up security with your gypsy jewelry. A woman after my own heart:-) So glad you and Millie were reunited.

Cyn said...

Love that story! Thank you for sharing and for being you.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Inspired by your story:

Keen is the eye that
pierces my soul—the parrot
sees more than I know.

Haiku My Heart … in Thrall

tami said...

i love this story : 0 I've always thought having a parrot would be like having a 2 year old around. Is that true?

Love the haiku!!

Meri said...

My son and his girlfriend (who live with me right now) have two conures. I can't say they're my favorite things -- so messy. One is quiet but one is really loud and can be mean, mean, mean.

Leslie said...

My brother had a green parrot named "Turk." He was not as beautiful as Millie, but his beak was just as sharp!

And yes, my haiku was about my basenji. (I'm sure she'll appreciate that you recognized her breed!) As to the curative powers of warm laundry, I'm not completely convinced. But basenjis think curling up in just about any warm place will cure just about anything!

turquoise cro said...

Lucky Millie, she is very greatful YOU rescued her, I'm sure!!! hehe

Dianne said...

She's lovely and I'm sure she's a great companion...

Noelle Clearwater said...

Hi Delphyne,
I love Millie! I once saw a 75 get out of its cage and go after an old woman's ankle. He didn't like red and she was wearing a red robe. He used to belong to a sea captain and literally swore like a sailor. He kept the place lively! How good of you to rescue Millie. Lovely haiku.

Unknown said...

I think she'll be your friend for life - for better or for worse

Spadoman said...

I've never thought of having a bird around to live with. I've had only one dog that I called my own, and it was a border collie. We have a dog and two cats here now, all from my daughter who lives with us, (If I left it up to her, we'd have dozens!) There are also 2 lizards, small ones, in aquariums.
Thanbks for sharing some things about your life.


J C said...

I realize this post is old and you may never see this comment, but I had to go searching for Millie. I'm a freaky bird lover! Millie is beautiful. Mine is the alpha animal in the house too. Dog is terrified of her. LOL