Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring, Happy Equinox

It's a beautiful morning in New Jersey and a perfect time to resume blogging.  I've missed the blog world and my friends there over the past few months and hope to renew acquaintances in the new Spring season.

The video is from The Silk Road Dance Company.  Laurel Victoria Gray and her dancers are simply fabulous.  I had the chance to see them in San Francisco and even help model some of her antique dance costumes.  That is when I first had the experience of donning a burqua - and I hope it is the last one.  It was both horrifying and infuriating at the same time.

Laurel explained that the outside of this particular burqua was very plain, but the inside was made with materials and embroidered with colorful patterns to reflect the wearer.  She went on to say that the temperatures inside the burqua could reach 110 degrees F.

At least, I could take the shroud off - women in many countries are forced to wear these when outside of their home, accompanied by a male relative.

Navruz Mubarak!!


Anonymous said...

Yes it is a beautiful day here in the great Garden State. I plan on making some Ostara cookies, planting some tulips and daffodils and letting the sun shine on my face.

Happy Ostara.

Delphyne said...

Have a wonderful day today, Inanna - I'll be you're happy to be back in the Garden!!

Now that I'm back online and blogging again, I'll have to get over to your place and see what's cooking!

Lyon said...

Always good to see you, love. Happy Ostara to you!

Delphyne said...

Thanks, Lyon - I sent you an email earlier today regarding a reading....