Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Sleepin' Bee

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This Bee seems to be sleeping - something I'd like to be doing right now. It's dark and cool at 6 am when I usually start to get up - it's harder with conditions like that!

I seem to have taken lots of pictures with Bees in them. Maybe because they're always around the flowers that I photograph. I'm going to dig up some of the Bee mythology later on and then take a picture of a beautiful Bee pin that my friend, Chenoa, made for me. She just sent it to me a couple of weeks ago, along with 3 other pins that she made.

In the meantime, though, while I mosey on downstairs and brew a pot of Peet's French Roast coffee to wake up, I'll leave the lyrics to Sleepin' Bee. I can't seem to get that song out of my mind!

A Sleepin' Bee

When you're in love
And you are wondering
If he really is the one
There's an ancient sign sure to tell you

If your search is over and done

Catch a bee
And if he don't sting you

You're in a spell that's just begun

It's a guarantee till the end of time
Your true love you have won, have won

When a bee lies sleeping
In the palm of your hand
You're bewitched
And deep in love's long looked after land

Where you'll see a sun up sky
With a morning new

And where the days go laughing by
As love comes a-calling on you

Sleep on bee don't waken
Can't believe what just passed

He's mine for the taking

I am happy at last

Maybe I dreams, but he seems
Sweet golden as a crown

A little sleeping bee told me
I will walk with my feet off the ground
When my one true love

I has found

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