Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A light in the forest

Underground Forest

Our roots are ancient, gold and gray, a buried treasure

Laying deep and secretive beneath the sunlit world.

My curling root grasps the woody starch of yours:

I can hear you, and the echoes of the animals and stars

Roosting and high in your broad-leafed canopy.

Our invisible links, a hand in hand network, echo

To the furthest reaches of our wet and fertile home.

And because we stand together, each of us--

The maples of Canada, and the baobabs of Mali

Can hear the distant murmur of a rainforest's heart.

We stand together: they cannot destroy us.


Jasmine said...

Delphyne this poem is beautiful. Did you write it? Its lovely :))

Delphyne said...

No, although I like to write, I haven't done much of it lately. If you click the link in the title, you'll see where I got it. I thought it was lovely, too - written for Earth Day 2009.

Dan Gliubizzi said...

Is this the beech area, just below your house? It was always swampy and full of mosquitos at the bottom, but I remember afternoon sun like that.

Delphyne said...

You should see that area now - it's really like a swamp. There's standing water year round and ducks on it! The deer hang out back there, too.

But, this picture is on the path off the county road that leads to the picnic house, where the old baseball fields are.