Monday, October 5, 2009


One of the things I like about snapping photos of flowers or other gifts from Nature is realizing how little I know of the plant and how much I can learn. Google surfing takes me many places, some of them interesting, others, not so much.

One of my sisters gave me this oxalis plant; it hangs outside and seems to be happy with its little pretty flowers. Other than knowing the plant is a bulb and needs to be brought in for the winter around here, I found out that they are part of the sorrel family and are edible, in small quantities. I also read about their magical properties, something I knew nothing of - and fun to find out!

From Gardensablaze comes this:

Oxalis is bound to Venus and Earth. Venus is the planet of love, and earth signifies home and hearth. As an herb that stays close to the soil, spreading and running deep roots in its territory, Oxalis is a moderately powerful magical herb that can be used in rituals and spells for home, hearth, family, and wellness. Put a glass of water by the bedside with leaves and flowers for speedier recovery for yourself or ill family members. The leaves and flowers close at night, promoting restful sleep. Place a few flowers at the foot of baby's bed for comfort and relief from colic or discomfort, and restful sleep. Add tasty lemony leaves to meals for family members to promote togetherness and love. Dry leaves and ground to powder for sprinkling around the house for affection and family togetherness. Add to similar herbs for more powerful effect in any spell or ritual.

Magia D'La Luna writes this:

Oxalis is an herb of of fortune ruled by Venus. Oxalis has long represented good fortune. This herb was part of the myths surrounding the Celtic Sun wheel. The simplest method of adding luck to one's life is to grow Oxalis in one's garden, or pot it and grow it as a houseplant. Oxalis flowers and leaves may be added to sachets and charms for luck. The dried leaves and flowers may be burned as incense during spells to increase your fortune.

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