Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin surprise

I haven't seen much of my little grey friends lately, even though there is a new and uneaten pumpkin out front to lure them! There are tons of acorns this year, so maybe the squirrels are choosing to eat locally. But, I miss their antics. This picture was snapped last year around this time.

Meanwhile, a little poem....

Pumpkin Surprise

I was choosing a pumpkin,
A fat orange pumpkin,
When I spotted a hole
In its side -
A hole like a door,
A little round door,
A door that led straight
To a house -
In the space of a minute
I saw what was in it,
It wasn't a thing you'd forget!
Curled in that pumpkin,
That fat orange pumpkin,
Was a fat little, gray little MOUSE.
A mouse in a house in a pumpkin!
On a floor that was covered with seeds,
Curled up and cozy,
Snoozy and dozy,
Asleep on a soft bed of weeds!


Nancy B. Hartley said...

Wonderful photo! I never knew that they ate pumpkins, but why not! Very healthy food!

Jasmine said...

I came across tis on my travels:

Delphyne said...

Nancy, the squirrels out here eat anything. I've seen them with pizza, almost as big as they are climbing up the trees to their nest. Ditto for bagels, bread slices, corn on the cob. Almost every plastic garbage can has a hole in the top portion so the little critters can climb in and out. They are hilarious to watch - I have a kid's story brewing in my head about the squirrels out here. Because we have more of the deciduous trees than California, there are more of them out here, in my opinion. They also make some very strange alarm call sound - it sounds like they are saying "caaat." I had no idea what it was when I first came back to NJ - I never heard a squirrel make that kind of sound in California. But, as you know, we are known as Weird New Jersey (there's actually a magazine published about Weird NJ). Most likely, there's a website, too!

Jasmine - thanks for the link! I found another site that had great instructions and pictures! I'll send it to you, if you're interested. I'm fascinated by the entire process of working with wool like this and creating art from it.

Tammie Lee said...

this is so cute, what a sweet poem