Friday, October 23, 2009

Fe2O3 - Iron Oxide

autumn catches up the colors of rust behind the shed

Fe2O3 - Iron Oxide. Requirements: iron, water and oxygen. Check!

I love outdoor hangings and ornaments - wind chimes, bamboo, stylized figures, hippie looking things, frogs, faeries and the like. Some of what I have are made made of iron or copper which have rusted over the years of being outside. I took my camera to them yesterday and saw just how interesting rust can be with the macro setting. Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

This figure traveled with me from California. It is cast iron - a petroglyph looking thing with bells on it. She hangs in the California redwood tree growing in NJ - still amazed that it is living in this climate!

Here is the cowbell looking thing that is attached to the petroglyph hanging above. It looks like a woven or felted basket to me in its current rusty state.

This hanging is made of copper and has glass spheres in it. The hanging rusted beautifully and the glass spheres look like they are being embraced by a serpent. You can see the camera in the green sphere if you look closely.

I love the rust color with the rust coiling.

Opaque sphere with a hint of blue on the left.


Jasmine said...

Rust can be beautiful but sadly it is damaging and corrodes the metal...

Delphyne said...

Yes, damage it does...these were inexpensive, interesting outside hangings that I liked and I don't mind letting them weather the elements.