Sunday, November 1, 2009

Samhain afternoon

 My electric cauldron in wide open window, 2009 Samhain

kiddies in costumes
warm witchy winds swirling leaves
samhain afternoon

What a gorgeous day we had yesterday!!  It reached 75 degrees here in NJ!  So unseasonably warm; kids parading around in such cute outfits so happy to put their little hands into the big bowl of candy and treats I offered; Kylie loved answering the door - she always thinks everyone is here to see her and play with her Squeaker football!  I still have some candy left, but the juice boxes and treat for Hallowe'en pups were a hit!

And the wind!  It was so special yesterday - like Witches swooping, diving and having fun on their besoms creating the warm wind that swirled the leaves up and around and down.  It was quite a magical feeling...

Such quiet in the neighborhood today...such a different feel from yesterday!  And how wonderful to wake up after the time change - I hate getting up in the dark.  It seems so unnatural.

Kylie goes to the groomer today - she seems to have picked up a flea or two.  Poor little girl is so itchy.  Now, the big chore will be to get rid of those critters naturally - can't use a flea bomb because of Millie and my confined to bed father.  Wish me luck!


dreaming in maine said...

Sounds perfect! It was really warm and wonderful here in Maine, too! The wind was just delicious, wasn't it?! Happy new year!

Delphyne said...

Thanks, Witchy Mom!

I'm unable to post comments on your blog - it seems that when the comment set up is "embed below post," all of my comments disappear into the ethers of the internet. Would you consider changing your format so that I can post on your blog? Thanks!!

Martine said...

I wish you lots of luck.

Delphyne said...

Thank you, Martine!