Monday, November 9, 2009

Up-side-down and sideways

I'm frustrated with Blogger and uploading pictures today!  The ones I took of my mandala that I made for the Creative Astrology course with Ariel are only posting up-side-down or sideways.  I guess Blogger is feeling creative today!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Maybe tomorrow it will be more cooperative!

Another beautiful day here - almost 70!  I'm loving the mild weather...time to head out in it for a bit before it becomes too dark to see!!


Lyon said...

That sign is the best ever. I almost snarfed my coffee.

Secondly, blogger does that kind of crud to me all the time with pictures, I STILL haven't figured out what the problem is. It usually happens with pictures from my cell phone, but not my camera. Who knows? =(

Delphyne said...

Hi, Lyon - I thought the sign was great, too!

I'm going to try again - if I can't do it the usual way, I'll post the pictures to Flickr and blog it from there. I don't have the requirements to correct in Picasa - old iMac! I want to get a new one next year.