Thursday, November 12, 2009

Southwest dreaming

The Sun is hidden behind clouds this morning and so many of the intensely colored leaves are now carpeting the ground.   When the weather changes like this and the colors disappear, I find myself once again dreaming of the desert Southwest.  New Mexico, specifically.  When it's time for me to leave the East, that is where I will head.

The picture above is one of R. C. Gorman's works.  I loved his earlier paintings of women; they were so large and so powerful; Mother Nature embodied in the Southwest woman.  His colors are spectacular in some of them - intense, just like the Southwest.  That is one of the draws for me - the colors of the Southwest are marvelous.  I love the food from the area and the crafts - the pottery, the rugs, the turquoise squash blossom necklaces. I have a small collections of pots and a couple of rugs that my grandparents bought back in the '40s from that area.  It's a dream of mine to live in an adobe home, facing those red rocks and seeing the big blue sky with the whitest clouds...

Yep.  I'm in love with that area!


Here's some Carlos Nakai music - Shaman's Song with images from the great Southwest.

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