Friday, November 13, 2009

3 years ago

3 years ago today, Kylie arrived on a flight from New Orleans to New Jersey, sprung from a high kill shelter in Houma, Louisiana.  She was a scrawny 29 lb, 11 month old Border Collie I had only seen in a picture.  I had no idea what temperament she had - the gamble was one of the best I've taken.  She is a great dog - happy, funny, friendly with everyone and every dog and is great company for me.

You're a good girl, Kylie and everyone loves you - especially me!

Now, let's go for our walk!




Lyon said...

Aawwww bless you Kylie and mom.

Delphyne said...

Thanks, Lyon - we like blessings!

rebecca said...

isn't trust a lovely strength? i am sure you are both equally blessed.
thank you for your well wishes..
sending southwestern colours your way,

Delphyne said...

Thank you, Rebecca - I could use some of those colors on another gray, damp and cold day in NJ!

Wishing you the most radiant health possible. Cuida te mucho. (What little Spanish I knew in California is very rusty living in this
place where I don't hear the song like Spanish spoken by the wonderful people from Mexico.)