Thursday, November 5, 2009

Creative Astrology - the Element of Air

From Croneletta's altered book which she made for me.

I'm participating in an online Creative Astrology course, hosted by Patricia Ariel, a gifted artist. It's intended to spark more of our creativity through the language of astrology.  From her blog:


If you enjoy astrology and have interest to know a bit more about how it works, while finding out more about yourself and yet sparking your creativity, you may enjoy Creative Astrology. This workshop was designed to help you understand the astrological language in an intutitive way, taking your own birth chart as a reference, and learning how to recognize the astrological symbolism inside yourself and in the world around you. This workshop is not intended to be a complete course on astrology, which would demand many months of apprenticeship and a different learning approach, but to give you a glimpse of how it is based upon and how you can see it in action in your life. as a complement you'll learn how to build a mandala journal and connect the mandala imagery to your chart and personal experience.

One of our exercises today was to look at digital collages made for each of the Elements in Western astrology - Earth, Air, Fire, Water - see what our reaction was to each of them.  The Air collage was the first one I viewed and it immediately turned me off.  Surprising me.  The other 3 elements did not produce that kind of reaction, so I'm curious what will be revealed.

I have the planets Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius, an Air sign - last year, after having an intense dream, I consulted my friend, Lark, a very talented astrologer.  She informed me that that portion of my chart was lit up and I think it still may be.  After thinking about my immediate not-so-great reaction to that collage, I know it's something I'll be working with.


Jasmine said...

I just looked at the collages. From the written description I'd say water definitely resonated with me but emotions and wounds of the heart are very close to the surface these past months.

Looking at the collages I am most drawn to air and earth. I am an air sign and have been surprised by the reactions of the group. Being in tune has stood me well and I think that is where I get my versatility from.

The fire collage disturbed me, with the exception of the elly dancer (love those tatoos). I don't know if the pay or the preying hands, it just feels apopolyptic to me. Scary.

Delphyne said...

Well, Sagitarrius a Fire sign is your opposite sign - as Gemini, an Air sign, is my opposite sign. I think you have Pisces rising, a Water sign. The rising sign is sometimes how we are seen by the world - I thought you were a Pisces until I looked at your blogger profile (you're 6/6 and I'm 12/12 - interesting, eh?).

Sometimes the opposite sign unnerves us - sometimes, not. That's why knowing more than the Sun sign is important. You have quite a bit of Sag in your chart and it's your "castle."

A full Moon is when the Sun is in one sign and the Moon is in the Sun's opposite sign - making it full. Understanding the opposite sign makes us like a full Moon. I try to understand the opposite sign in each of the houses - for example, I have lots of stuff in the 2nd house, Virgo. Piscean folks used to really unnerve me, make me very nervous - until I had to make a real attempt to understand them. Now that I am comfortable with my emotions, I like being around Piscean energy.


Jasmine said...

I did my moon sign once and it came out as Sagitarius. All of my boyfriends i the past have been sagitarius or gemini. My fiance and father to all of my pregnancies is Airies, another fire sign.

Most of my friends are water or fire...

i'm not sure what you mean by sag? Doesn't sound good...

Delphyne said...

Sag is short for Sagittarius...sorry, should have spelled it out!

Ruth said...

Her site wouldn't load, so I couldn't see the collages.

My mind sort of glazed over the way yours did with my math. I'm interested in astrology, and my sister wanted to do my chart. But we don't know my time of birth - it's not on my birth certificate, and hospitals don't keep records past 20 years or something. So I can't ever get a very accurate chart done! :(

Delphyne said...

Good morning, Ruth!

Is your mother still living or any relative that remembers your birth? Even if you know an approximate time, you can get a fairly accurate reading, but the exact time or within 15 minutes is the best. There's an online site that will give you a free chart and a very, very basic interpretation.

I had my first chart done about 35 years ago, when I lived in California - it was de rigeur to have dabbled with all of the occult stuff in California back in the '70s! Astrology is a tool to help understand yourself and it can be quite sophisticated. Much of it depends on who is interpreting.

The collages that I mentioned - she has them on her Yahoo group for this class, not her website or blog.

Have a great day!

jasmine said...

Hi. I was wondering if you felt disconnected to the written interpretation of air as well as the collage? I found I had two very different reactions to words and the image. So many surprises in this course. I always thought I was a pretty true gemini x

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