Thursday, November 12, 2009

Splash happy

Image was sent in an email by my cousin ~ it makes me smile! 

My Elephant is Missing

I cannot find my elephant.
He must have run away.
He isn't on the sofa
where he promised he would stay.

I've looked around the living room,
the kitchen and the hall.
My elephant is missing
and I'm not sure who to call.

I'll need to get a bloodhound
who can track him by his scent,
or hire a house detective
to discover where he went.

He isn't in the basement
or the attic or the yard.
You'd think, to find an elephant
would not be quite so hard.

Perhaps I'll make some posters,
and I'll offer a reward.
I'd make it more, but fifty cents
is all I can afford.

If you should see my elephant,
he answers to "Jerome."
Please tell him that I miss him
and I wish he'd come back home.

He knows the way. It's up the street
and down our garden path.
And next time I won't warn him
when it's time to take his bath.


Jasmine said...

That picture makes me feel so happy. Care free x

Delphyne said...

Thanks, Jasmine - I loved the baby elephant smile! It's contagious...

Shelly said...

Love the poem! :)

Delphyne said...

Thanks, Shelly - it's as smile producing as that picture!