Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kissed by a Star

I sat down looking upward
and listening to the stars,
each one glowing bright,
winking secrets in a spectral code,
a language of pure vibration.
One red-pink star said to me:

"Everything is alright.
Follow the directives
of your heart and
for a roadmap use your dreams.
Though at times
you may feel doubt and fear,
you may hide your beauty,
forgot your knowledge,
and question your ability,
know in this moment
as I kiss you with light
sent across a thousand million
galaxies of time,
that you have been
and forever shall be
wise, ancient and brilliant."

~Juliett Jade Chi, 2007, excerpt~
from this week's We'Moon desk calendar page

Photo taken from here.

And from astrologer Kelly Hunter comes this:


The NEW MOON of December16 (7:02am EST, 12:02pm GMT) dazzles with the inspirational fire light of Sagittarius. Venus close by to the Sun-Moon bespeaks the presence of the goddess and her quality of emotional intelligence in this moon cycle that takes us across into the New Year.

This is one of a number of juicy New Moons coming up that have surprisingly energetic patterns involving the most dynamic planets. This New Moon picks up on radical Uranus energy, in a very close square formation that changes things up. Uranus is like a wild card, you never quite know what unexpected impact is likely. This "odd ball" planet rotates on its side with its south pole pointing toward the Sun. It stays in a sign for seven years, presenting us with a revolutionary theme experienced on a global level. Uranus has been in Pisces since 2003-2004. It is one factor contributing to the global sensation of the psychic internet, to the flow of heightened energy that has swept in waves, literally, across our blue planet to awaken our sense that we are all in this together.

A Sagittarian moon stimulates the imagination and intuition, a state enhanced by Uranus in the dream-time sign of Pisces. This Moon offers a great opportunity to envision the New Year and even further out. Like a bolt of lightning, Uranus will shock us into present awareness if we get too spacey. A social revolution is afoot (Pisces rules the feet), and we're all in its flow, whether we are trying to kick upstream or go with the rapid current.

keeps us on track, as we continue into the era of Pluto in Capricorn, necessarily addressing pragmatic choices which face us early in the New Year. Sagittarius is idealistic. As you aim your arrows into the New Year, take a good and serious look at your life before moving too fast forward. In this era we are called to reshape our collective experience in relation to our place in the Cosmos. This New Moon opens a powerful window to create a heart-felt vision of your personal goals to keep you on track when the going gets rough and decisions loom. What action will bring you closer to your goal?

That's a relevant question, as red action planet Mars turns retrograde on December 20, as if celebrating Solstice. Seeming to move backwards through more than half of fire sign Leo, Mars energizes the New Moon and especially Venus. How nice to have the two mythic lovers in rapport at such an interesting moment. Imagine that Mars is stepping back to let Venus dancing gracefully across the threshold of the New Year. So close to the Sun as to be invisible to us, Venus is bathed in the radiance of the Sun.

Retrograde Mars can be frustrated as its energy is turned inward and internalized. It's a time for the "taming of the shrew" for each of us, as we need to step back from our personal agenda to see more clearly our part in the larger drama. Sometimes we have to stroke our little selves like a cat with fur turned up to tame that rampant lion that wants it all to be its own way. May your sense of humor bubble up from a deep well, and may the Great Spirit, the All-That-Is, the God/dess channel through you beyond the parameters your ego would allow.

This New Moon tunes beautifully into the rare Aquarian conjunction of the Big Planet Jupiter, quantum Chiron and mystical Neptune that signals the global dimensions of the change you may be feeling. December 7 featured the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Chiron, with its potential of quantum leap in belief systems. That's part of the existential quality of this timeless moment: what do you believe as what we call reality shimmers around you? So many people are feeling overwhelmed by the roller coaster sensation of daily life these days. A critical shift of consciousness inevitably ripples into the mundane. We are each responsible for our participation and will each reap appropriate results.

The next full moon is a Blue Moon with a partial eclipse on New Year's Eve. More commentary on that next time. May love light your way into the New Year!


Jasmine said...

Another great poem. I love the picture! I will have to come back and read the astrology. Are you doing Patricia's workshop? I'm wondering if I can fit it in or not... Time, he old conundrum.

Delphyne said...

Thanks, Jasmine! No, I'm not going to do this workshop - too many things around here that need to be done. Maybe after I get settled into my own place, I can see if she's offering anything then...if you do it, keep me posted - I'd love to hear your response to it! xoxo

Tammie Lee said...

The poem and message is wonderful, thank you!

Delphyne said...

Hi, Tammie Lee - good to see you and once again, congratulations on your photo making the magazine - how exciting!

Ruth said...

"Listening to the stars." Thank you for that.

Jillian said...

Lovely poem! Happy Blue Moon New Year, Kathy! Love, Jill