Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Qigong, LomiLomi massage and relaxing Hawai'ian music

I could go for this right now.  Seriously.

I just ordered a DVD entitled The Spirit of Qigong.  I should receive it this week and am looking forward to viewing and working with the routines.  Since being in a temporary abode and not having the woods to walk, I need some kind of physical exercise.  I've been enamored with Tai Chi since 1985 when I took my first class.  I have not been able to find a good instructor since being in NJ - so, I decided to do the DVD Qigong until I settle back in the West where I am sure to find an instructor whose methods I like, both in Tai Chi and Qigong.

I heard about Kaleo Ching some years ago.  He is a remarkable mask maker, along with Tai Chi/Qigong practitioner, acupressure massage therapist and certified hypnotherapist.  You can visit his site here.  Click on the gallery and marvel at some of the masks.

He also practices Hawai'an LomiLomi massage, which I have never experienced.  Here is what he has to say about it - taken from his website:

Chi awareness, meridians, and Chi palm techniques applied to Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage.

In traditional chinese medicine, in the center of our palms is an acupoint called Laogong. it's the 8th point on the pericardium meridian. Healers, artists, writers, bodyworkers know it well.....it channels from the pericardium and the heart... the heart that is nurtured by the light of the heavens and the depth of the earth.

Sounds so interesting and the massage looks like it would be wonderful. The background Hawai'ian music is also quite soothing.


Manon said...

Very cool! I will watch this video!!

rebecca said...

dear one,

thank you for all your offerings. you are a kind soul who shares.

i invite you to place the call out for compassion on your blog...
how can it be that we have only just discovered it??

in love,

Delphyne said...

Thanks, Manon - I found it relaxing just to watch it. I imagine that I would have to be carried home afterwards if I had one of those massages!

Delphyne said...

Rebecca - here we are again, once again in the same time together! I just posted Compassion on this blog and on FB, thanks to you....