Thursday, July 8, 2010

Haiku My Heart Friday

This image made me laugh because I tend to read words backwards just to see if they spell something different.  I blame it on my mother as she used to do that.  For example, Dunkin' Donuts became Stunod Niknuds in her world.  One of my pastimes when riding the bus in NJ prior to moving to California was to pick the longest word on any advertisement and see how many words I could find in that one word.  Kept my mind from being immensely bored or my being bus sick!

I'm reminded how much I love words and spelling.  Which, of course, brought to mind a long lost acquaintance who contacted me via Face Book earlier this year.  We went to school together - grammar school through high school.  We actually lived a few doors down, but I never really got to know him well as he was very quiet and shy.  I did not keep in touch with him, so 40+ years later, I was surprised to hear from him.

One of the memories that he recounted from 8th grade was his loss to me in a spelling bee and being mad about it.  He even remembered the word that he incorrectly spelled, which made me laugh.  So funny and interesting what any of us remembers from the way back time machine!

So without further ado, here is the haiku that was inspired by this Face Book connection:

8th grade spelling bee
You're still mad at me for this
word:  intoxicate.

For more haiku offering, go to Rebecca's site.

Posting early as my computer is going in to the Apple place for replacement of a part that is causing problems and for doing the mind meld from my old Mac.  I'll be off line for a few days - see you when I get back!


rebecca said...

i need you on my team. this cinches the deal. you spell, read words backwards and cook????

tell me you are mine...


Cyn said...

Haiku is a mystery to me. However, backward spelling is very familar.

idnic egroeg

Uma said...

Loved your haiku, dug deep into your past.

Spadoman said...

I love the Haiku, and love the story even more. I like to add a story to a picture, to a word or post. Even the recipes I write are narrative instead of line-by-line.

Thanks for sharing this with us.


Eoj Odaps, known to many as Odapsnam

Ms. Moon said...

Story: I went to a very small elementary school back in the olden days and there was only one third grade teacher- my mother. And so, my mother was my third grade teacher which was such a BAD idea for so many reasons.
Once, we had a spelling bee and I, because I was bored and was reading a book instead of concentrating on spelling, got my word and spelled it without thinking- "Soap- S.O.P.E.- Soap."
My mother, my teacher, still to this day, when I make a glaring blunder, says that to me.
"Soap- S.O.P.E.- Soap."
I do not love her for that.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

What did Adam say
to Eve that he meant both ways?
“Madam, I’m Adam.”

My Heart in Ruins

paper-n-soul said...

Hahaha, I love to read words backwards. Nice to meet a kindred soul. Great story, great haiku.


Sarah said...

That's such a great story and I love the haiku it inspired. Funny the impression your great spelling made on your school mate! I remember being praised for drawing a cartoon likeness of Angela Rippon(a newscaster in the 70s) on the blackboard in my year 11 class-it made me feel really good! I have generally got a terrible memory too!

turquoise cro said...

Intoxicating!!! I do names backward, that's about it! O! and I see another peep with almost my first name spelled backward,I'm Adnic! I see she is Idnic! hehe I need a new pc but don't have the time right now to get one!

Shelly said...

I love this post and I love this haiku and I love the comments they have inspired! We did backwards names in college, my dorky roommates and I. :)

Cyn said...

Where are you? It's that darned computer, isn't it? I'm going to summons the powers and send them to the Apple Store.

Miss you!

Delphyne said...

Yes, DJF, it WAS the computer that kept me away...forgive me! I got her back this afternoon and am still catching up with emails and other sundries.

Be back in the morning with a Haiku for Rebecca's site.

And now I know that the Mac has another way to do a blog! Well, I have a real lesson on Sunday and we'll see what they have to say about that!!