Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to my favorite Lioness!

Today is Sue's birthday - happy, happy birthday to one of my dearest friends!

I met Sue in 1971 when I moved to California - we worked together at a large insurance company for years and were even roommates for a few years. I've found that being around a person at work and living with them produces one of two emotions in me: I either love that person unconditionally or I despise them just as unconditionally! With Sue, it's the former. I'm so happy that we're still friends after all of these years.

For me, Sue is like having an older, beloved sister, something I never had. I learned so many things from her - being authentic, unconditional love, generosity of spirit, laughing at the absurdity of things, curiosity about life and cooking to name just a few.

My love of food and cooking came from Sue - she is an amazing cook; her food is flavored with her love for the art of cooking and for those for whom she prepares it. Think Babette's Feast or Like Water for Chocolate and you have Sue's food. It's no coincidence that she and Julia Child share the same birthday!

So, Sue - have a wonderful birthday today. I wish for you all the best of life and love, now and always!



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