Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meet Kylie

Alright, I can see that this blogging can be addictive! Kylie is still waiting for her short walk - good thing she is patient!

Kylie is a 3 year old Border Collie whom I adopted from a high kill shelter in Louisiana when she was 11 months old. She's a great dog having one of the best temperaments I've ever seen. She's good with other dogs, children of any age, older folks - she simply loves people and wants to be around them all of the time!

Kylie suffers from idiopathic epilepsy. She takes pheno for her condition and is mostly alright. She still has seizures - extreme excitement will trigger one, as will extreme heat or cold. Other reasons remain a mystery. She's a trooper, though - she usually snaps out of the seizure quickly.

Kylie's "hobby" is doing the laundry. Yes, you read that correctly. She is completely fascinated by and devoted to the washing machine and dryer. She will lay by those machines just waiting for them do "act up." She whines and nips at the clothing going into the washer and coming out of it - I think she thinks that the clothing is responsible for all of the noise the machine makes! I taught her how to spell L A U N D R Y and F L U F F (as in what the clothes do while in the dryer) - when I spell those words, she dashes over to the machines and waits.

Sigh. Well, Borders must have a job to do and this is hers!

Soon, you'll meet Kylie's "sister" Millie along with her "cousin" Grace.

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