Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bloodgood Falls

This is the little waterfalls at the end of the path Kylie and I walk before having to go streetside. It really is named Bloodgood Falls. Above the falls is a pond where the swans live, the osprey dives for fish, a gigantic snapping turtles roils the waters and waves "hi" with its prehistoric claw, the cormorants stoically sit with wings outstretched, where egrets stalk their prey and where we used to ice skate as kids. I haven't seen anyone skating there since I've been back - I wonder if the County prohibits it now.

I found this little poem online to go with the waterfalls - it took me a few seconds to understand the title!


Wind,full of mist

As it blows on my face

Twinkling, through the air

Ever so light as it falls on the ground

Reaching for it I

Feel the wet little drops

Always falling down

Looking at the foam floating

Listening to the water flow

~Eliza Barlow~

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