Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Morning Dew

Dew Drop

You have
an ornate look
as you sleep on velvets
of crimson red
demure, a heavenly drop
of liquid crystal
staid and neatly poised
on a blooming rose petal

by morning sunshine
the bead of glass comes alive
vibrant like a well cut diamond
exquisite and ethereal
your delicate fragility translucent
that I want to reach out
and touch...
the spectral colors of a rainbow
that you freely reflect

But as day grows
I watch your splendor diminish
colors disperse,
your existence permeate
in to thin air, you then vanish
like a scrawl on placid water
leaving no mark, nor splatter

Gone yet again...
dew drop of a different dawn
when silent nights condense
will you return once again
to bless my garden, my lawn?

~Vasanta Athilat~

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