Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market

Over at Rue and Hyssop's place, there was a post about a farmer's market in Hawai'i. Of course, this brought to mind the farmer's market in San Francisco, located at Ferry Plaza. I had the pleasure of helping the Knife Sharpener, Bob Kattenburg, at the market in San Francisco and in Walnut Creek whenever his usual help was not available. I would take the orders in for Bob, make sure everyone got their knives back and make sure the money was tallied correctly with the orders. It was fun - Bob is really great to work with! I especially loved working at the Ferry Plaza market - talk about huge! There was so much to see, so much to taste and, of course, being located right on the Bay, the views were incredible! I can still recall them quite vividly.

Being in the Garden State now, I think we ought to have more of these! I recently subscribed to Edible New Jersey which does give information about the food being grown here - not agribusiness, but the local folks. I need more free time to get out and explore what's available here.

Here is a picture of Bob and his wife, Jill - both are friends and I'm missing them now! This picture is from this article which gives a little more information about Bob and his business. If you find yourself in San Francisco on a Saturday morning, stop at the market and say "Hi" to Bob - you'll get a friendly greeting back from him!

I think I'll send them the link to this post and say Hi!


Nancy B. Hartley said...

Gee, Kathy, Hard to beleive that Bob Kattenberg used to be an insurance guy! Wow! He looks very happy in this photo! He must be in his right place! Enjoying your blog, tremendously! Thanks for sharing!

Delphyne said...

Yes, all of us escapees from the insurance asylum are a lot happier, aren't we?!