Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Serpent and the Goddess

The Snake Goddess

I am the Snake Goddess.
I was the charmer of the primordial garden.
I survived fire and flood,
And I blessed the Fertile Crescent.
Poised and potent, I guarded the gates of Crete,
And crowned the monarchs of Egypt.
I am sleek and supple, sharp and subtle.
You will find Me peering among the pyramids,
Winding through the labyrinth,
Slipping across the Acropolis.

I am the Sacred Serpent,
Prophet and protector, helper and healer.
With a mind of magic,
A tongue of truth,
And eyes of mystic wisdom.

I spin with the women.
With insight and imagination
We weave the strands of many lands
Into a long and shining tapestry.

I dance on frescoed floors.
I wiggle and wave over mosaic monuments -
Coiling, curving, crawling, curling,
Soaring, sliding, shimmering, shining -
Creating power and passion,
Circling the earth with divine visions,
I am the Snake Goddess.

I have always loved this portrayal of Hygieia. It's powerful, hypnotic and I completely and utterly love her outfit! One of these days, I may post about a dream workshop I did with Serpentessa. And her snakes.

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