Saturday, September 5, 2009

Refrigerator witchiness

Well! I finally figured out how to change the size of the picture in Flickr and blog it directly from there! Yay for the little things that make me happy!

Because today, I have a new aide for my father, Comcast telephone service is not working and Comcast lost the last payment I sent on 27 August. At least the Comcast rep Wilbert was pleasant to talk with and was nice enough to try and get service out here today - otherwise, the first available service would be TUESDAY!!! As it stands, the phone is now plugged into the modem so that I can call - but the phone only rings at the modem which is upstairs - and it's not always easy to hear what from downstairs.

But, hey! I can blog from Flickr with the size of the photograph as large! And the aide is very nice and competent and it's a gorgeous day weatherwise!

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