Monday, September 21, 2009

When a Butterfly looks at you

Just like it was posing for me to take its was interesting being observed as I observed! Click on image to enlarge picture.


They sensible
prepare now
save for the future
work hard while young
enjoy when old
no pain no gain

They believe...compromise
follow the crowd
stay within the lines
keep your head clear
keep your eyes straight
feet on the ground

What about now! what about roses? what about stars?
what about chasing rainbows, floating clouds, butterflies...
what about silver linings, serendipity, spontaneity...
what about moonbeams, sun-rays, raindrops?

I believe....
I believe I can cut my own pathway
I believe I can step off the edge and not fall
I believe I can close my eyes and follow my heart and soul
I believe I can walk in the rain and not get wet
I believe in today and have hope for tomorrow
I believe in dreams, I believe in me....

I believe I can fly!


PS - Actually, I believe this is a moth and if anyone knows what kind it is, please leave it in the comments. It looks so furry in the closeup. I don't think it's a hummingbird moth, unless it's a baby one!


Jacki said...

I just saw this on your flickr page. Now that I see it, I recognize it as a skipper (butterfly). That's so great you got so close to observe and photograph it. What a beauty/cutie!

Jillian said...

It takes guts to fly! May your travels take you over the rainbow and through it as well. With love to #1 from #8!