Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby pine cone

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I noticed this baby pine cone on the White Pine tree in the back - it's so cute!  I'm going to watch this one grow - they do get larger, unlike the ones produced by the Redwood tree.  Their pinecones are tiny, surprising for such a large tree!

One of the things I enjoy about posting pictures on my little blog is that I get to find poetry about whatever picture I'm posting.  Yesterday, while looking for a pinecone poem, I discovered that our pineal gland, our third eye, is named for the pinecone because it is shaped like one.  Something I didn't know.  That led me to photos of the brain in which I could see where the pineal gland is located and the shape of the area looks like the Eye of Horus.  Of course, that trip led me to Madame Blavatsky and the esoteric movement she founded.

Whew!  My little brain needed a rest, so I let it drift back in time when I was little and the family was on vacation in New Hampshire.  Lake Winnipesaukee to be exact.  Since my father was a photographer, we always had our pictures taken, both individually and the required family portrait.  We were outside for the family portrait and my sister Jane - normally not mischievous - decided to put a pinecone on her nose for that photograph.  I still smile at that memory.

And here is the pinecone haiku that I found - hope you enjoy it!

Pine cone

Scent of forest floor
Shades of brown, new life within
Reptilian scales

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James Dutch said...

Hi, I know that you've moved on from this blog to another but wanted to say that I really enjoyed your blog post about the pinecone - especially the haiku... Oh, I should point out that I wrote the haiku and it really made my day to see that someone thought to repost it. Best Wishes from sunny (at the moment) Canterbury, UK