Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fairy Flower perfume!


I LABORED, delving, sowing,
To plant a garden wee

Of seedsman's flowers for showing:

The wild-flowers laughed at me.

I caught the witches growing

Around a shattered tree
A thousand twin-flowers meeting

In fairy folk-mote there;
They nodded me a greeting,

And fragrance filled the air:

"We came without your weeting,

We thrived without your care."

-from Lips of Music

By Charlotte Porter

There is such a thing! Christopher McMahon and his wife, Suzanne, are the owners of White Lotus Aromatics; they have a newsletter that is filled with lots of information about all things aromatic. He is generous enough to share his perfume recipes and this one for Fairy Flower Perfume sounds divine.

Here is an excerpt from the current newsletter and, of course, the recipe for the perfume - the entire article is worth reading.

In the late spring, here in the Pacific Northwest, one finds in the mixed conifer forest the lovely, delicate twin flower growing over crumbling logs and fallen trees. twin flowerFrom above the small rounded glossy green leaves of this creeping sub-shrub, rise up tiny, nodding, pinkish-white flowers, appearing in twin sets, off a single stem which branches into two. Thousands of these elegant botanical treasures may appear in certain areas, scenting the air with an ethereal essence that is of a rare and precious beauty captivating the heart with its simple innocent, purity and sweetness. As one goes through the forest one may first detect their precious scent upon the air, and if they are not acquainted with its source, wonder where such a fragrance originates. Then when one beholds the myriads of tiny flowers illuminated by the slanting rays of light piercing through the evergreen forest canopy and falling upon these small gems, and bends to inhale their sublime beauty, one becomes enchanted and falls under the spell of the fairy land which they inhabit. In its bouquet one perceives notes of almond, citrus, rose-jasmine-orange blossom accord, frankincense and a very high etheric note as is sometimes found in blue lotus.

I have endeavored to capture the beauty of this tiny forest beauty in Fairy Flower Perfume.

3 ounces Lime Essence
1 ounce Lemon Essence
3/4 ounce Jasmin grandiflorum abs
1/2 ounce Rosa bourbonia/Rosa centifolia coextracted absolute
1/4 ounce Ylang Extra
1 ounce Sandalwood Papua
1/4 ounce Tonka Bean Absolute
1/2 ounce Frankincense/Cedarwood coextracted absolute
1/4 ounce Bitter Almond oil in fractionated coconut oil
1/2 ounce Orange Blossom Absolute
1/2 Blue Lotus Absolute
You can find a photo of the twinflower here and also at Christopher's site. The poem above was taken from the newsletter.

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