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October Heavenly Messages

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Heavenly Messages for October 2009

Your handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (in Aries) is on 10/4 at 2:10 am (10/3 PT) The New Moon (in Libra) is on 10/18 at 1:33 am (10/17 PT). Jupiter goes direct on 10/13, Mars enters Leo on 10/16, the Sun enters Scorpio on 10/23 at 2:44 am (10/22 PT), Saturn enters Libra on 10/29, and Chiron goes direct on 10/30. All times are EDT. Note - Daylight savings changes on 11/1 this year. Scroll below the Introduction to see your individual sign messages

As October begins the Libra Sun shines clear and bright with a nearly full Harvest Moon as his beautiful evening companion. A lovely beginning to a lovely month! There is big astro news this month as several planets make major moves. Jupiter goes direct after a 4 month backward journey, Mars enters fiery Leo where he'll stay for 8 months versus the usual 6 weeks, and the biggest news of all is that Saturn enters Libra for the first time in 30 years. A month to remember!

On October 1st Mercury just went direct, and clarity returns. Venus joins Messenger Mercury in common sense Virgo where they are meeting with Saturn. These three cosmic worthies are discussing practical ways to finalize Saturn's Virgo mission which is to help people get out of denial, face facts, stop flapping their lips, and learn to walk their talk. They expected help from Mars, but he was busy splashing emotional waves into everyone's face - who can see clearly with that?! Uranus was supposed to add contrast with his change-agent ways, but is off floating in a purple Piscean haze seemingly off-line. (He'll be heard from later.) So all in all, this might be a discouraging meeting.Saturn is getting weary of his thankless Virgo mission anyway. Humanity never does seem quite ready to embrace the idea of getting out of judgmental behavior and taking actual, real world, practical steps to solve mutual problems. Saturn returns to Virgo 3 decades from now, and always holds out hope that a new generation will be ready to tame their raging egos, roll up their sleeves and get to work on saving our beautiful planet. Those of us still around will have a front row seat.

Huge Jupiter, usually a player in any cosmic passion play, was off on the side lines of this game for months - retrograde in Aquarius since June. Jupiter is massive - when he turns around the cosmos shakes! He'll go direct on 10/13 happily creating a link-up to Mercury and the Sun both in fellow air sign Libra. Libra is the sign of harmony and Aquarius is filled with crystal clear vision. Bodes well! Jupiter renews his flight through Aquarius for the rest of this year, so you Aquarian types will feel renewed focus as well. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, so you Sages gain a larger piece of his wisdom again. See your individual sign messages below for insight.

Mars is eager to jump into this action as well. On 10/16 this rabble rousing planet pulls himself out of frothy Cancerian waters, shakes off the last dense drops of this emotional sign and dons a bright, Sun-drenched Leo cloak for the first time in 2 years. Mars loves to wrap himself in fire sign Leo. It perfectly fits his sense of pride and creative accomplishment. This would be big news generally, but it really stands out now, because Mars is getting ready to slow down and go backward in December. This means he'll stay in Leo for 8 long months (until 6/6/2010) compared to the usual 6 weeks. So you Leos had best lift up your Lion's mane and pay attention! Mars is the ruler of Aries, so those Ram's horns need to perk up as well. Fellow fire sign Leo plays very well with Aries so you folks finally get a hand-up to a better platform. Mars is also the co-ruler of Scorpio so check your personal messages for a heads-up too.

An oppositional dynamic is being put into place with this shift of Mars. Leo is the sign opposite Aquarius, so for the rest of this year Mars/Leo plays off against Jupiter/Aquarius. Mars in Leo likes to be the center of attention, so imagine a big rowdy kid bouncing with all his might on a see-saw while Jupiter, biggest kid on the solar system block, holds his weight down on the other end. Who's gonna give? When December rolls around, Chiron and Neptune also traveling in Aquarius re-group with Jupiter and put extra weight on their end. I'll be writing more about this then, and it promises to be an interesting time out on that cosmic playground!
The most important planetary shift comes later in the month on 10/29, when Saturn enters Libra for the first time since September 1980. Saturn will stay in Libra until mid October 2012. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, so all you Goats need to sharpen your hooves for some steep mountain climbing and since Saturn travels in Libra for the duration, anyone with strong Libra energy in your chart, especially Sun or Rising will get a wake-up call. If you have Saturn/Libra in your personal birth chart you'll be experiencing a Saturn Return (see relevant dates below) which happens every 28-30 years of age. If this is you, it's a good time to schedule an astro update! I'll be writing more about Saturn/Libra as the months move along, so stay tuned.

In traditional astrology Saturn in Libra is called “exalted” meaning it is the very best zodiac energy band for Saturn. Here's why: Saturn is all about form, function, structure. Saturn's energy tends to contract, setting limits and boundaries where disciplined energy is necessary to create positive strength and results. Libra is ruled by Venus and is the sign of peace, justice, harmony, love and beauty. Saturn's disciplined strength tamed by Venus' soft elegance is the image of the wise judge, fair lawyer, excellent diplomat, best mediator. Saturn in Libra represents those who have matured in their understanding of human relationships. They are fair, kind and balanced in their dealings with all. The symbol for Libra is the Balanced Scale, indicative of these principles.

Historically when Saturn is in Libra, things calm down and get into better balance, often after a period of world stress. In the 20th century Saturn was in Libra 3 times. The first pass was from October 1921 through November 1923, then at mid century from November 1950 through October 1953, (with a few month retro dip back into Virgo in 1951), then the third and last pass was from late September 1980 through November 1982. (Anyone born during these years will have their Saturn return during this current Libra passage.)
Saturn/Libra's first 20th century visit marked the dawn of the Roaring Twenties. The world was still in process of returning to normal after the brutality of WWI and an era of “modernity” ensued. Art Deco reigned supreme, and old traditional ways were falling away. Here in the US women had just gotten the right to vote (in 1920) and flappers danced the night away to jazz. Everyone was getting rich in the stock market, and prosperity flowed to those who never had it before.

In the mid-century Saturn/Libra passage, the world was one again picking up the pieces after another major war trauma - WWII. By 1950 most Soldiers were back home. In the US there were plenty of manufacturing and other jobs with decent paychecks, marking the definitive end of the Great Depression. They eagerly bought houses in newly created suburbia with their pink-aproned adoring wives and got busy birthing the Boomer generation. The middle class became entrenched, and an era of prosperity for all began. Meanwhile, Europe was in the midst of rebuilding their war ravaged land and laying a foundation for fundamental government and societal structures still largely in place today. Other countries in the world community were crying out for peace and justice looking to follow India's lead, which had overthrown centuries of colonial rule and became an Independent Republic in 1950.

In Saturn's final Libra visit in the 20th century, Ronald Reagan was elected US President less than 2 months after Saturn entered Libra in 1980. This marked the beginning of the “Reagan Revolution” another gilded age in US culture. Depending upon political perspective, this era is described as a sensible response to big-government growth which curbed inflation, cut taxes, strengthened national defense and led to a prolonged period of peacetime prosperity. Or it is seen as as the triumph and political ascendance of upper America, where wealth further accumulated in the hands of the already rich, when free market deregulation began to unravel the strides of average people to claim their American Dream, and when the US transformed from the world’s largest creditor nation to the world’s largest debtor nation. The merits of these differing world views are still being hotly debated today!

The ideal of Saturn in Libra is a return to balanced sanity after wildly swinging pendulums have virtually sliced off all civil discourse. Venus' softer influence is felt as testosterone flares-ups die down and politeness and respect for other points of view reclaim their position in society. Peace, justice and dignity for all becomes more than just a slogan, people turn away from violence and toward artistic expression to get their ideas across, and the world becomes a place of peace, prosperity and harmony. This could indeed be a realized vision, if each and every one of us harness this most positive Saturn/Libra prospect. Wouldn't that be wonderful?! Dreams do come true.

I hope each and everyone of you harness a beautiful October, and bring this loving Libra energy forward in your own life!
NOTE: If you know your birth chart, read the message for your rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign, to get the most out of your heavenly messages. For those of you who have not had your chart done - what are you waiting for? The Heavens are calling your name!

LIBRA September 23 - October 23 Happy Birthday Libra Loves. Hold onto your beautiful hearts, because this new solar year may be the most important of your life! Saturn, 2nd largest planet in the solar system, is going to enter Libra later this month where he'll stay until Oct. 2012. Saturn is the Ruler of the Material Plane, Father Time and Lord of Karma all rolled into one, and he has not visited Libra since 1980, so it's best if you get prepared! Here's how: Do what you were born to do - get into balance! Take stock of all areas of your life - relationships, work, career, community involvement, friends and family, recreation and relaxation. Can you honestly say you have created time for all? If so, you are well on your way to one of the most stable and fruitful times of your life. If not, well, let's just say, Saturn will help you. How? Stay tuned for more heavenly advice as time moves on. Meanwhile your ruler Venus is off in your dreamtime as October begins having a chat with Saturn explaining your situation. She'll pop into Libra on 10/14 to bring you his message and since Venus adores being in her own sign, the news is bound to be good! Venus stays in Libra through 11/7 so use this magnetic power time to shine at your very best and you'll be walking hand in hand with Lord Saturn in high style! (See Intro for details on Saturn.)

SCORPIO October 24 - November 22 Dear Scorpio, October dawns with your ruler Pluto moving direct again, while co-ruler Mars still in Cancer continues to stir emotional waters until 10/16. So remember to keep your head above the waves! Mars next stop on his cosmic journey is Leo which governs your important career/outer world zone. Get prepared for an active time! Mars visit here will continue the back and forth pull between your home/relationship life and work-world that you've been dealing with all year (and longer). Toward the end of October for the first time in 30 years Saturn, Lord of the Material Plane, enters your non-material, dreamtime space - a bit of contrast. Saturn's new position will help you (or force you!) to get your life into better balance. If you can take a sabbatical, it would be a great time. Let's face it, most folks are not in that position, so best advice is to spend as much time as possible in your own personal cave of self reflection. Call upon your vast creativity in this process. Do some journaling, write poetry, make a vision board, get out your paint set and have fun as you imagine the next phase of your life. The more you are willing to do this, the more you will create the best reality ever! Dreams do come true.

SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 20 Dear Sagittarius, Jupiter, your ruling planet, has been traveling backward since June, so for months you felt pulled along by an undercurrent out of your control. This flow is due to change as Jupiter goes forward again on 10/13. Jupiter maintains his travels in your mental and communication zone for the rest of this year, helping you get clarity around how to say what you need to say, and how to do it well! Meanwhile Lord Saturn who has been high and mighty in your career, professional and outer world zone is set to make a change into Libra, a sign which works very well with you. For the last 2 years plus, Saturn has been helping (forcing!) you to get real about your life's work and career plans. You were meant to get out of denial and take the necessary steps to create a firmer foundation in your world. At the end of October Saturn will enter your networking, friendship, community involvement zone. For the rest of this year Saturn and Jupiter will be forming a positive pathway to each other. This means both new connections and old teammates will help carry forward the strides you've made in your career plans. This can be the beginning of one of the best times ever for you, dear Sage, so tune in and use it well! (See Intro for more info on Jupiter.)

CAPRICORN December 21 - January 19 Dear Capricorn, there is a lot of big astro news for you this month! First Jupiter, who has been backing up your money matters since June, is set to go forward on 10/13 helping you move in more positive financial directions as well. Then in the middle of the month feisty Mars, who has been frothing around your relationships will enter a sign he likes much better - Leo. So things should calm down and glow a bit better in partnership issues. Later in the month, on 10/29, your ruler Saturn shifts signs for the first time in over 2 years - into Libra. Saturn is Lord of the Material Place, so his shifts always make big astro news, especially since he stays in place for so long and only returns to a sign every 30 years. The reason this is really huge news for you Cappies is that Libra is the ruler of your important solar 10th house - your career, profession and outer world zone. So this part of your life is scheduled for significant renovation! To get a head start, it's a good idea to have a blueprint in hand. Where do you see your life going? Who is on life's major highway with you? Hopefully you know this already and if so you are well on your way to bringing all parts of your life into beautiful balance. If not, get out your planning board and plan! For mid-life Cappies look back 30 years ago to see similar themes. What did you begin then that you are ready to master now? For younger Cappies under 30, this is Saturn's first visit here. Plan wisely and Saturn will help you lay a positive platform for life! (See Intro for details on Saturn.)

AQUARIUS January 20 - February 19 Dear Crystal Blue Persuasions, October brings large shifts your way. First Jupiter, who has been backing up in Aquarius since June, turns direct on 10/13 bringing you forward momentum too. Opportunities which seemed stalled get renewed, so hold faith in your ideas and continue with positive plans. Soon after on 10/16, Mars dashes into Leo with a vigorous energy boost. Leo rules your relationship sector, so look for relationships to jazz up across the board from love, to work, and family too. Look back 2 years ago, the last time Mars was here, to see patterns which might repeat. Then on 10/29 Saturn leaves your deeper relationship zone where he has been stationed for over 2 years. Don't be surprised if you feel a bit of 3 steps forward 2 steps back pattern around relationships. Luckily Saturn enters Libra which rules your higher mind territory (solar 9th house) and plays very well with fellow air sign - you! The best advice on how to handle all this activity is to continue to fly like a white eagle. Be clear in your own vision, stay true to this higher path and you will easily rise above any petty bickering and steer clear of those who would bring you down.

PISCES February 20 - March 20 Dear Pisces, As October begins Mars continues to swim a fast butterfly stroke in your creativity sphere, building up a head of steam as he gets ready to enter your “on the job” and everyday agenda zone. Creative plans come easily to fruition - ready or not! Even bigger news is that Lord Saturn who has been holding court in your relationship life for over 2 years, is breaking camp and getting ready to march into deeper territory. On 10/29 Saturn will enter Libra which rules the transformational region of your chart. The last time Saturn visited here was 30 years ago, so it pays to prepare! This terrain is also connected to partnership issues (including financial connections) so all those relationship loose ends you thought were tidied up may need a tighter knot (or to be totally undone!). The ideal concept of Saturn's visit here is that you will realize you have wonderful life-partners at all levels from love to business, and for young Pisces (under 30) you have the opportunity to build excellent partnerships which can lead you in wonderful directions for the rest of your life.

ARIES March 21 - April 21 Dear Aries, if you feel like your ram-horns are being pulled in two directions you're right! As October begins, your ruler Mars continues to steam up your home life, while Pluto trenches in for his long term haul in the opposite territory - your outer world, career territory. Mars boldly enters Leo on 10/16 and turns up the heat of your creative furnace. Mars will be here for months rather that the usual weeks, so creative projects get a big boost! As you navigate carefully between these planetary boys you need to look sharp because Saturn - one of the biggest of all - is getting ready to pull you another way yet! At the beginning of the month stern taskmaster Saturn remains in your job/work space where he's been for over 2 years helping you take stock and get real about what you need to do on a daily basis to ground your life in all the best ways. Hopefully you have figured this out because ready or not, on 10/29 Saturn (aka Lord of Karma) enters your relationship sector for the first time in 3 decades. If you have been shoving relationship issues under the rug, expect that rug to rise up and dance! You might need earplugs for this rock and roll, or it may be just the tune you want to hear. (See Intro for details on Mars.)

TAURUS April 22 - May 20 Dear Taurus, October dawns with your ruler Venus chatting it up with Mercury and Saturn, all in fellow earth sign Virgo. Saturn has been visiting your creativity sector for over 2 years and is packing his bags for his next trip to your work/job and daily life region. Venus and Mercury will soon deliver Saturn's message which is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It doesn't matter whether you are 18 or 68, the message is the same, because it really doesn't have to do with age. It has to do with intention. You may not be exactly where you want to be yet, but if your goals are unclear, you're not making it any easier to get there. Saturn will be in Libra on 10/29 when he enters this terrain for the first time in 30 years. Libra is the sign of relationships which for you indicates your work and daily life goes so much better when you are in harmony with partners both at home and on the job. So are you in harmony? Venus slips into this space before Saturn arrives, bringing her honeyed ways to sweeten things ahead of time. Lucky for you!

GEMINI May 21 - June 20 - Dear Gems, Your ruler Mercury just went direct a couple of days ago, so October begins on a clearer note for you. Later in the month Saturn will enter Libra for the first time in 3 decades. Saturn's visit to this fellow air sign will help you polish your facets to a sparkling shine! Saturn, Master of Time, makes his historic move on 10/29 and until then remains in your home terrain helping you tidy up dangling family issues which may have entangled you your entire life. For the last 2 plus years you were meant to face whatever it was you needed to confront and begin to weave a stronger life-fabric. Libra rules your creativity zone and Saturn's new role is to help you plan creative building blocks for the next phase of your life's work. Since Gemini is a creative, quick-silver sign to begin with, you're going to like Saturn's visit here a lot better! Meanwhile Mars is on an active path and on 10/13 will enter Leo which rules your mental and communication region. Leo is another sign that plays well with you Gems so you're going to feel like things are picking up for you in all the right ways - and they are!

CANCER June 21 - July 20 Dear Sweet Crabs, As October begins Mars still splashes through Cancer but he's nearing the finish line. If you kept your head even one inch above the waves of emotional chaos, you've handled his vigorous energy well! Mars next stop in his cosmic rounds is Leo, which rules your financial sector. This might be a good thing, bringing you pots of Leo gold, or his warrior ways could touch off a rowdy tug of war. In either case it pays to be financially awake and aware. Even bigger news is that Saturn will soon enter Libra and move into your home-space for the first time in 30 years. Saturn, aka Lord of Karma, makes his move on 10/29 and his new job is to help (command!) you to restructure your entire life from the roots up! Saturn will be your house guest until October 2012, so you'll have time to get used to his ways. Don't get nervous, because this may be the best thing that ever happened to you. Why? Because Libra represents balance and harmony, so areas where your life has been out of whack now get some major help!

LEO July 20 - August 22 Dear Leos, October's astro energy puts steady focus on your financial picture. Saturn is the major figure in this composition. For over 2 years he has been helping (forcing!) you to re-think how you utilize your resources and Stern Saturn does not take no for an answer! At the end of the month Saturn changes venue, so it pays to patch up this portrait. Luckily Sweet Venus is here now too along with Messenger Mercury, both chatting with Saturn to make things easier. Saturn moves into Libra on 10/29 and his new position is in your mental health zone. So clean off any old dusty ideas now, and your mind will be clear and in perfect harmony with all other aspects in your life. Now won't that be nice! Another big astro move is off in the wings. Warrior Mars is stage left, waiting for his cue to stride into Leo for the first time in 2 years on 10/16. Mars always makes astro news when he shifts signs and this time it's banner headlines, because Mars will be in Leo for 8 months, rather than the usual 6 weeks! Stay tuned for more on this significant move and how it will affect you in the months to come. For now what you need to know, is that Mars is a robust player and he loves his Leo costume! (See Intro for details on Mars in Leo.)

VIRGO August 23 - September 22 Dear Virgo, Big astro news for you this month! Saturn has been in your sign for over 2 years, pounding the Virgo anvil to forge a well honed blade for you to use the rest of your life. You are now the master with this sword of strength by your side! Meanwhile your ruler Mercury is direct again as October begins helping you with more clarity, and Sweet Venus lingers lovingly in Virgo too (thru 10/14). All in all this can be an excellent time for you! Saturn makes a major move later in the month, leaving Virgo - not to return for 30 years. (Hooray!) Saturn's next visit is to your financial sphere when he enters Libra on 10/29. For the next 3 years Saturn, aka Lord Structure, will help you finally get into balance around your finances and resources in general. Libra is all about partnership, so Saturn's sojourn here will put focus on how partners in your life (from family to business) help or hinder your financial flow. Venus arrives in this zone first, delivering Saturn's message before he arrives. Libra is her home sign, so expect good news!

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